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John Carroll University excels in providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that take students outside the classroom. 澳门葡京网站提供多种学位路径,应用这一策略,将毕业生定位为课堂上的领导者, schools, and districts around Ohio. 约翰·卡罗尔的教育部有三个本科课程可以获得教师执照. By incorporating Jesuit values in these programs, 澳门葡京网站 empowers educators with a deep understanding of cura peronalis, a Latin phrase meaning “care for the whole person.” This fundamental Jesuit belief aids 澳门葡京网站 education graduates to serve students in all facets of their growth; intellectual, moral, and social. Ultimately, 约翰·卡罗尔教育学位为未来的教师提供了在课堂上有所作为的工具, community, and beyond. 


约翰·卡罗尔的教育项目体现了大学对体验式学习的努力. From the first course until graduation, 学生们在当地的教室里度过数百个小时,准备成为未来几代学生的领导者. This portion of the curriculum is an invaluable resource for prospective educators. “课程的实地部分对于实现澳门葡京网站对正义信仰的承诺至关重要,” says Dr. Dan Reynolds, assistant professor in the 澳门葡京网站 Department of Education. “Every day, 澳门葡京网站 teacher candidates encounter students from all backgrounds and walks of life, and they have to design instruction to meet them where they are.”



一年级学生要参加几次实地体验,以确定他们打算追求的教育计划. 澳门葡京网站’s Department of Education offers three tracks toward teacher licensure. Primary education develops teaching skills for pre-school through fifth-grade students. The middle childhood education major prepares teachers for grades four through nine. This major requires specialized training in two of the following areas: language arts, math, science, and social studies. 青少年/青年(AYA)专业准备未来的教师与七年级到十二年级的学生一起工作. AYA课程的学生在上述四个教学领域之一的学习中努力获得执照. Seniors in each of the three programs will take part in a “clinical year”, which includes the capstone student teaching internship. This is the culmination of applying coursework and fieldwork in a classroom, earning the required hours for licensure. 


Throughout the entire process, students gain non-teaching life skills while they witness the education system at work. 该领域的学生可以亲眼看到教育工作者必须如何驾驭地区政治的内部运作. They understand the importance of addressing and discussing social issues with students. Most importantly, 学生的实地经验培养了强大的领导特质,这几乎不可能仅通过课程来培养. “Our department’s mission is to prepare educational leaders,” says Dr. Reynolds, “both in the classroom and beyond.”  Many 澳门葡京网站 graduates are serving as principals, leaders of charter networks, and as superintendents in Ohio public school districts.



School districts nationwide are dealing with a shortage of educators. According to a national survey by the RAND Corporation, 到今年年底,四分之一的教师可能会离职,这一趋势可能会继续下去. 选择专业成为教师的大学生越来越少,加剧了这种短缺. 福特汉姆学院的研究显示,教育在2008年最热门的10大专业中排名第三, but by 2012 had dropped to eighth place, where it remains. The current shortage provides a silver lining for prospective educators. Because the demand for teachers is far greater than the current supply, graduates may have several job offers to sift through after graduation. The current shortage is also creating an argument to pay educators more. 15个州目前正在提出提高公立学校教师工资的立法. 


John Carroll University is working to face these challenges head-on. 教育部正在战略性地培养装备精良的未来课堂领袖. 植根于耶稣会传统的培训和教育为澳门葡京网站毕业生提供了不仅仅教书的机会. They will empathize, instill confidence, and inspire future generations to nurture their whole person - mind, body, and soul.